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End-to-End Supply Chain Enabler

for E-commerce Sellers, Aggregators and Distributors

You may be launching a new product, firefighting current production issues or wondering if there’s a better way to produce your line. Our design, manufacturing and logistic teams will make it happen for you. Our account and support teams have earned decades of trust from our clients like you. Our Design/Production/Delivery management service helps you in every step of your supply chain, so you can gain your life back to do what you enjoy the most (whatever it is).

As you may know, production headaches happen everywhere, every day. Our preventive and corrective solutions are your painkiller. They were developed through all the lessons we have learned in a hard and expensive way, so you don't have to. When you retain Linton, our professional supply chain management team takes care of everything, from initial sourcing to delivery to the final destination. 

You can trust us like trusting your own eyes, literally. Our a la carte Live Quality service can be part of your standard production assurance, or your 911 help when  complications arise. Our proprietary Augmented Reality technology, Live Quality, brings the real-time actions to your screen.

Whether you are an independent seller or an aggregator, you can always rely on our state-of-the-art Audit and Due Diligence service to see through the fog. 

Live Quality
live QC_1.jpeg


Seeing is believing, especially when it comes to Production Quality. Our proprietary Augmented Reality based Live Quality service enables you to see what is happening onsite in real time. When timely verification is needed, we send our staff to your factory to be your eyes on the ground.


Using real-time help from our US-based bilingual Project Manager, you can interactively participate in the inspection process, sitting in front of your computer. You have the full control to dictate inspection sample selection, zoom-in critical parts, and even cycle out defects.

The entire QC video will be recorded including your instructions. You can come back to the online videos for any details, anytime, anywhere.



Linton is an end-to-end supply chain enabler to e-commerce sellers, aggregators, and distributors. Our structured product design, manufacturing and delivery services assure predictable and consistent production and delivery outcome. 

From kitchen and household items, to toys and card games, tools and pet supplies, and many other categories, we have over 400 vetted factories and an overseas staff working for you. We’re different from other sourcing agents that hinge on 3rd-party factory databases, such as Alibaba or US Import Record. Linton only works with factories that we have vetted, used and trusted.

Our leadership team's decades of experience cover overseas manufacturing, investment firm, engineering, and technology. Our proprietary Live Quality QC solution and factory Due Diligence Audit service are just two examples of our unique services.


“The Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreement signed upfront made me feel so much more comfortable...

Amazon Private Label Seller


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