Linton is an end-to-end supply chain enabler to e-commerce sellers, aggregators, and distributors. Our structured product design, manufacturing and delivery services assure predictable and consistent production and delivery outcome. 

From kitchen and household items, to toys and card games, tools and pet supplies, and many other categories, we have over 400 vetted factories and an overseas staff working for you. We’re different from other sourcing agents that hinge on 3rd-party factory databases, such as Alibaba or US Import Record. Linton only works with factories that we have vetted, used and trusted.

Our leadership team's decades of experience cover overseas manufacturing, investment firm, engineering, and technology. Our proprietary Live Quality QC solution and factory Due Diligence Audit service are just two examples of our unique services.

Ben Kong.png

Founder and CEO

Ben has over 22 years experience in senior positions with global technology company, investment firm, and oversea product manufacturing. ​

Ben held Senior Architect, Vice President, Managing Director, and Managing Partner positions with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), MasTec (NYSE: MTZ), Foxcode Inc, and Greater Pacific East. ​

Ben’s expertise in serving clients across US, Canada and Southeast Asia markets has earned him a great reputation. He has a strong technology, manufacturing, new venture and leadership track record in all the organizations he has been affiliated with. ​ ​

Ben immigrated to North America in 2004 from China. He has earned Executive MBA degrees from Cornell University in New York and from Queen's University in Canada and an undergrad degree from University of Science and Technology of China.

Ben Kong