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Our Feasibility Analysis and Product Design Service fee is based on the complexity of the requests. 

Please contact us for details.

Design 1.jpeg

You have an idea and you are ready to make a commitment to it.

Starting from only sketches or a fully engineered CAD files, you can always rely on our industrial design team to guide you through the initial stage of the adventure. Our design team is not the regular "rendering" artist you encounter in the marketplace. They have decades of industrial design experience, maximizing your chance of product success from the start. 


You want to make a twist to a current product.

You are a veteran at launching new products and have identified a meaningful twist that will make the next 'Yeti' kind of hit. Before pouring tens of thousands of dollars of investment into the project, please let us, under an enforceable NDA, be your reality-check person - Can it be made at a reasonable cost and lead-time? Will someone copy it within 2 days? Will the end result be as good as expected?

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