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Factory Audit and Due Diligence

Factory Audit and Supply Chain Due Diligence is an a la cart service that aggregators and sellers can rely on before they make critical acquisition or supply chain decisions.


Being an aggregator, you know you have the fiduciary duty to leave no stone unturned when 7/8 figures of investments are at stake.

Unlike other supply chain due diligence, our unique package offers both factory onsite investigation and product category supply market study. Through our due diligence process, your investment committee can make informed acquisition decisions based on objective inputs:

  • Is the target seller buying from a reliable and competitive vendor/factory?

  • Is the current COGS a fully negotiated price?

  • Any outsourcing or subcontracting that may jeopardize future brand equity?

  • Any potential product quality or compliance "tricks" that your team needs to be aware of?

  • Does the revenue and COGS data provided by the target seller add up?

  • Assessment of post-acquisition COGS  or supply chain efficiency improvement.

We can offer this unique Due-Diligence service because of our cross-disciplinary Due-D team - special talents with both overseas manufacturing and investment firm experience.


Being a seller, you have made up your mind to start a production journey with a new factory. But you still want to double check.

Through our onsite Factory Audit service, you will find critical and meaningful factory information in our Audit report. 

  • ID of the owner of the factory.

  • History of the factory.

  • Size of the production crew, QC crew and factory plant.

  • Current and past product references.

  • Whether or which steps the factory outsources the production.

  • Machine type, capacity and current workload.

  • Whether the factory is located in the "core" production region for the particular product category in question.

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