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Following a Non-Competition and Non-Disclosure Agreement, we will investigate your products and quote you the Sourcing Service engagement based on the complexity of the product. After the Sourcing Report and Recommendation is delivered, you can choose to hire Linton's Manufacture and Logistic Management Service at a monthly subscription fee.


You are launching a new product or contemplating to switch to a new factory, and you know relying on a trustworthy production partner is critical to your success.

You have tried Google and Alibaba and you know you are taking a risk of hinging your product success on how the factory presents themself on those platforms. 

With Linton, we take a deep dive to investigate your products. We select the best regions and factories to source, sends our staff onsite to audit the candidate factory, and examine the past and current product qualities. Leveraging on our annual aggregated order volumes, let us get you the best price, attention and priority from our factories.

In addition, our bilingual staff, with decades of sourcing and production experience in the US and China, babysits your projects for you, Steps like sample approvals, lead time management, QC, safety compliance, import and delivery details are all handled meticulously by us so that your evenings and nights are free again.


You have already found the best factory for your product, and you realize your time is too valuable to be spent overseeing production and logistics details

You have established a stable supplier relationship with your factory, but everyday tasks limit the time available to grow your business. Why not let our professional staff handle the job at a reasonable cost?​

Our end-to-end Manufacture and Logistic Management Service provides a single point of contact for production and logistic details. For a monthly subscription base, our overseas and domestic staff will take care of orders, manage production lead-times, and handle QC, compliance, exporting, customs, AMZ labelling, and delivery tasks for you. ​

In addition, we offer optimization advice based on our current vendor network. Having Linton represent you prevents factories from taking advantage of unaddressed details and gives you the power of our aggregated volume and established network relationships..

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